Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mariesa Misses Nikki June :( Come back Nikki June! Come back!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Julio's Poem

Once upon a Monday,

I read a poem about a fun filled Sunday!

My name is Julio, my friend? The Great Juan!

We like to watch boys pee on Bingham’s lawn.

Julio is actually a poet

…Juan just doesn’t know it.

So here’s a story about two old pals,

Who liked to spend time shopping around at Al’s.

Dollar Stores are good for putting on some funk,

Saturday at 2 AM is when the amigos go Spelunk!

Juan we find likes to make trouble,

Julio just makes it double!

On the off ramp at the light,

Juan gave Julio quite a fright.

He pounded on his window like a robber would,

Julio’s body hit the car hood!

The driver then let out a yell,

That made Juan laugh so hard he fell.

Just one story of a weekend home

From Julio to Juan- Nikki June! make it your own!

Juan's Poem

Once upon a Sunday i took a nap!

Cause I was tired of living with my ma and pap.

I dreamed my Tiki god came alive,

She granted me three wishes and a high five!

My wishes I received were quite a treat,

I had a giant nostril and great big feet!

But the best part by far was I became a Mexi,

I had many adventures and was very sexy!

I had an amigo we played til dawn,

Our names were Julio and the great Juan.

We stole pretty tinsel from the king,

And made our kitchen go bling bling!

Suddenly i woke up which ended my dreams,

And sadly i went to work at reams.

But when i return on my bed lies,

A picture collage with lions eyes!

Could it be spanish conquest?

All I know is Mariesa is the BEST!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well here we are...blogging. We never thought life would come to this, but we figure- hey! we're interesting enough to have blogs. In FACT we're much more interesting than the common blogger. Yes, yes we are. Umm... much more interesting.

OK! So our blog. It will be a memoir, a tale, an arduous account of all things Juan & Julio. Certain names will be changed, for the protection of those close to us. But, for the most part everything will be EXACTLY how it occurred.

Now that we have the Law of the Blog laid down...on the table, or actually the laptop slash bed we are laying upon- we shall begin.

The residence of one Juan and one Julio is quite the living experience. Complete with an Astroturf floor, Hawaiian Tikki Goddess, and a potential "Closed" sign (however, it still resides in Juan's previous place of living). So, we are in essence ALWAYS OPEN. Yes, we are. Though, our door is always closed. However, this is NOT OUR FAULT, it is the fault of the blowing wind through our open window, beautifully curtained in red. Some may say their room is a "Hot Spot" but with our over-active heater, ours literally is. Seriously... it's hot. In fact, we rotate through the night in cycles of sweating and shivering caused by the opening and closing of the above said window...all night long. We reside high above the heads of approximately 36 people. Yes, we live the high life! (No one really cares about the fourth floor anyways) WHOA! j/k we love you guys. right. ok.

Our Adventure began one Winter evening in January when Juan packed all of her belongings and hopped the border into said Hot Spot. It was quite exciting, and was followed up with a dip in a local hotel swimming pool complete with an old man who had quite the knack for picking things up with his toes. Julio came to find this out when the friendly old man began handing her floaty toys with his above mentioned toes. They were beautiful hairy sausages. This monumental night was a landmark in Julio and Juan's relationship. You see before they had only been apartment dwelling companions in separate rooms. Julio and Juan in fact never spoke for the first month of their residence together. Not because of avoidance, rather they were both very busy. You see, Juan only knew that Julio had a brother who somewhat resembled Zach Efron, which was discovered late one evening (accidentally) while watching High School Musical for the first time ever. Julio and Juan's previous experiences together included mainly the chugging of applesauce, the exchange of man-like grunts, and the 2 AM spelunking adventure in Logan Canyon. OH, and we cannot forget the apartment decorating. I'm sure Julio and Juan's roommates are VERY much appreciative of it. They'd like to give a special shout out to King's tinsel department for their generosity during a much needed time.

So here it goes, we may not be your average every-day blogonians, but we'll give it a try. You might not find it funny, but we do. And in the grand scheme of things, that's all that really matters- ("ey Julio?" "You've got that right Juan") LONG LIVE THE BLOG!